• Diary Of A Traveler: A Day In San Francisco

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    If you have planned a vacation to San Francisco, there are plenty of tourist attractions to keep you busy. This city is known for its vibrant culture, startups, fun neighborhoods and delicious food that cater to every taste bud. For some of the best and unique experiences, look for deals at www.ifonly.com. They have a list of activities that are listed in www.sanfrancisco.com, and you can join the online community for further details.

    If you are looking for unforgettable holiday ideas, here are a few handpicked ones.

    Enjoy Breakfast
    While you are in SF, head to Sam’s Anchor Café that is located across the bay in Tiburon. This beautiful café is famous for its seafood, hot burgers, and brunches with an uninterrupted view of the sea. You can hire a ferry to reach the café and enjoy your day.

    Golden Gate
    This is an iconic landmark, and the best way to explore is to rent a bike. Cycle the Golden Gate and enjoy the scenic Golden Gate Park that boasts of over 1000 acres of manicured gardens.

    Lunch At The Zeitgeist
    You can make a quick stop at Fun Beer Garden that is located near the Mission area. You can relax here and enjoy the outdoors. One can expect a steady flow of locals and tourists on any day. Another choice would be to dine at Best Deli that serves fresh sandwiches and kale chips.

    Mission Street Art Tour
    Take a tour of Mission Street’s famous paintings that add a dash of color to the city. Start at Balmy Alley and head straight to Osage Alley that is known for its colorful stretch.

    If you grew up listening to scary stories featured around the famous Alcatraz prison, it’s time to experience them now. Ride a ferry to Alcatraz that is named as the world’s notorious prison. To learn more about the famous jailbreaks and the history of Alcatraz, participate in guided tours.

    Pier 39 On Fisherman’s Wharf
    Bustling with activity, the Pier is a marketplace. You can find amazing restaurants, shops, and entertainment here. Watch out for the Bushman street performance.

    Explore Chinatown
    San Francisco boasts of the largest Chinatown outside of Asia and the oldest in America. You can find impressive stalls selling local products, specialty shops that sell tea, and restaurants. If you happen to be here in fall, do not miss the spectacular Autumn Moon Festival that is a celebration of mooncakes and harvest.

    Palace Of Fine Arts
    This magnificent landmark is best known for its art exhibitions and events. You can spend time admiring the beauty of the garden or take a quiet stroll along the lake.

    SF Zoo
    All the young and old at heart, this is a good chance to observe wildlife in one of the largest zoological parks in northern California. Ride the carousel and enjoy the New Zoo that is solely dedicated to preserving wildlife.

    Dinner At Nob Hill Café
    If you already start to feel the hunger pangs, grab a bite of authentic Italian food at the Nob Hill. Try the creamy pasta, roasted eggplant and sautéed sole that will tickle your taste buds.

    Return to your hotel, and dream of all the places you visited as you look forward to a great adventure the following day.