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  • Does Diet Play A Role In Skin Aging?

    Date: 2014.12.06 | Category: Skin Care | Response: 0

    In this world of fast foods and quick fix meals, not many care to think whether the food that they consume will have an impact on their skin. The popular question in the minds of such people are ‘Does diet play a role in skin aging?’, you may not like the answer, as it is a ‘Yes’. Dietary intake along with nutritional status and environmental factors does have a major role to play in skin aging.

    Topical Applications
    Some topical applications can come in handy in reducing the impact it has on the skin, but in the longer run, you don’t want to look as if you have been around for longer than usual! It is pertinent to remember that a healthy glow is the sign of good health, this would not be a possibility even if you are applying the best in line products for skin care such as Clementine Fields, if you do not adhere to a proper and healthy diet.

    There is increasing evidence to show that the food we eat influences our skin health – with improper intakes and habits leading to early aging and proper and healthy intake supporting a reduction in the natural skin aging process. Supplementation of some key nutrients and anti oxidants supports anti-aging along with a regulation diet. Also proper diet habits complement the use of topical applications making you glow more and look a lot younger than you are.

    Food for Reducing Wrinkles
    On a comparative study, regulation diet and microphotography of the skin were done to show evidence that with proper diet skin wrinkling were lesser than when individuals were on a not-so-healthy dietary intake. Foods that can be associated with less wrinkling of the skin include; tea, water, eggs, fruits and fruit products, low fat milk products, fish (especially those with essential rich fatty acids), vegetables, legumes and nuts, mono unsaturated fat that can be found in abundance in olives and olive oils.